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Giving Hope Amid Uncertainty

Dear friends in hope,

Whether you have been with us since the very beginning in 2008, or are just joining us now and learning all about alternative giving, hello! As we edge closer to the day of the gift fair, we wanted to take a few moments to share an update on how some of our nonprofit friends have been staying afloat during this challenging time—a time when their services have been needed on an even deeper level than ever seen in our collective lifetime.

The world has not seen a pandemic of this global magnitude since 1918. And although we find ourselves in the midst of ongoing uncertainty, ambiguity, and fear as we navigate uncertain waters, we have reason to be hopeful. We simultaneously and paradoxically see both the best and worst of humanity. At the gift fair, we choose to focus on what we always have—hope, that which our nonprofit friends share with their communities every day.

We welcome you to rally around our nonprofit friends who are working tirelessly to meet their missions, most all of which have been compounded by the pandemic: securing safe, affordable housing for people who have lost their employment; providing nutritious meals for the food insecure and those finding loneliness in quarantine; ensuring healthcare needs are being met both here in Lancaster County and around the world; and much, much more.

Here are just a handful of ways, especially in this time of pandemic, that some of our nonprofit friends have been challenged to continue meeting the needs of the communities they serve:

Miagro House

"While COVID has impacted everyone, for moms who are working hard to establish a job with a family sustaining wage, the setbacks that COVID brought with it, have the potential to become insurmountable. Milagro House women are overcoming even more obstacles, and they need our support more than ever."

Junior League of Lancaster

"COVID has both worsened existing social issues and made it more difficult to help those in need. There is no aspect of our work that has been unaffected. We are trying to remain as flexible as possible in order to creatively respond to the challenges facing families and children in Lancaster."

Aaron’s Acres

“Because some of our participants are medically fragile and others have compromised immune systems, we were not able to have face-to-face programs. Our camp program and school year program are all being done virtually. This can be very challenging for some of our participants. In all of our programs, our staff focus on developing and strengthening each participant’s socialization and communication skills. This is a bit more difficult to do virtually than in person.”

LanCo MyHome

“COVID quickly affected the individuals living outside with the shops and libraries closing leaving them nowhere to go to the bathroom or wash their hands.  Additionally, community meals shut down due to the churches and volunteers not able to remain open or come to deploy meals.  Longer term, the shutdown restricted apartment showings and slowed down our (Coalition to End Homelessness) permanent placements.  Lastly, the looming eviction crisis and millions of people entering poverty will likely overwhelm our system.”

HOPE International

"Because of the global nature of our (Hope International) work, each country and program has navigated unique challenges, including shutdowns, lack of public health resources, travel bans, and closed markets. Many savings groups have had to find virtual or distanced gatherings or stop meetings, and microfinance clients have paused loan repayments while their businesses have been shut down.”

North Star Initiative

“We were significantly busier during COVID, and we continue to be at full capacity with the increased need for residential care. Over 100 restoration homes shut down during COVID for a host of reasons, many were due to not having the funding to stay operational and others due to the fear of bringing in a sick survivor."

 Clare House

"COVID has made it much more difficult for our families to work full time because of limited childcare. A lack of adequate childcare is a pervasive issue for many families right now, but for single mothers with limited funds and limited support systems, they face significant hurdles around school closures or hybrid learning models, limited daycare hours, and minimal daycare openings."

SWAN: Scaling Walls a Note at a Time

"It is important for our Lancaster community members to know that SWAN is serving Lancaster public school students who live in a demographic that has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, where over 29% of the population lives below the federal poverty line and where, according to the public school records, over 900 children are listed as homeless. For SWAN to be able to serve more of the children in this demographic, we need the community to recognize the problem we are addressing and how SWAN's music/mentoring program is a critically needed intervention. The pandemic has severely impacted the quality of life and learning for our students who normally have dire needs. This is a time when SWAN should be unleashed to serve more children rather than inhibited by a lack of funding. I truly believe that our community members would support our work fully if we could highlight the importance of our mission."

Your gifts of hope will make a positive impact in the lives of our neighbors and friends, here and around the world, so let’s make a collective promise to use our purchasing power and love for one another to transform the lives of the most vulnerable.

Join us here from the comfort of your own home on Saturday, December 5th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to shop for gifts of hope. Each gift will come with a gift insert and greeting card, to be mailed the week just after the fair in time to share your gifts of hope with loved ones for the holidays!

With gratitude,

Jenn, Elyse, Janet, Jeanette, Lora, and Julie
GTGH Team Lancaster



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